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Dedicated to Quality

The quality of the green coffee bean is a critical ingredient to the taste of the final product.  Coffee is a product of how it is grown.  Soil conditions, elevation, and climate determine the coffee beans final flavor.

At Stone Roastery, we begin with 100% top-grade Arabica Beans from the finest small plantations around the world. These are the most flavorful coffees because they are grown at a higher altitude where crops grow smaller and more slowly, giving the coffee a more concentrated flavor and aroma.

Our coffee shop will only serve the finest roasted coffee...

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The Roastery

You are more than welcome to stop by our coffee shop and try our fresh roasted coffee. We will make you a fresh cup and let you see how our small batch blends are roasted and packaged.

Stone Roastery


Our Roastmaster custom blends then roasts our fine coffee by hand in small batches. So that each coffee blend can be individually treated to raise its own unique flavor characteristics. Fresh roasted coffee is a passion at out coffee shop. 

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Come on by our coffee shop and hangout. Jump on the free WIFI and enjoy a fresh roasted coffee!

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